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The premise of Evan Brand's Functional Wellness Clinic is simple: get to the root cause of your health symptoms and allow you a life of pleasure, health and vitality. To brighten your mood, generate more energy and optimize your digestion so you can confidently do the things you love with the people you care about.

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I get books sent to me from different companies and authors all the time. I read them, love them and generally stash them on my bookshelf. I need to make room for more books and also want to pass the knowledge onwards to you! There is no catch and these books will be shipped to […]

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Autoimmunity is one of the top 10 causes of death in women under age 65 in the United States. Learn the top 5 causes of autoimmune conditions and the 6 R system to fix it. Schedule a FREE consult:

Podcast #157 The Root Causes of Anxiety and How To Fix It

Anxiety is a potentially debilitating issue that many people think originates in the brain. There are actually causes within your nutrition plan and lifestyle that can cause anxiety to pop up. Anxiety doesn’t usually exist in isolation. Most of the time, my clients begin their health journey with a combination of symptoms such as depression […]