Evan Brand's Functional Medicine and Nutrition coaching is an outgrowth of the increasing need for holistic solutions which is evident in Louisville, Kentucky and beyond.

Chronic fatigue, female hormone imbalances, hypothyroidism, and anxiety are among the countless degenerative conditions on the rise.

Address the underlying causes of your health problems (instead of just treating symptoms) so you can get well and stay well without unnecessary drugs or surgery.

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Evan Cares

I had an initial consult with Evan, where we discussed some health challenges I was having. I was busy with life at the time and didn't follow up, but I continued listening to his podcast. He puts out excellent content and it's clear he's passionate about helping people achieve optimal health. I recently tried his Adapt product. I noticed a positive change in my response to stressors. I've also been supplementing with some of the aminos and other things he recommends with good results.


Evan is awesome!!!

Working with Evan has been amazing. My health and vitality have dramatically increased and continue to increase. He speaks from personal experience and is truly passionate about helping others reach peak levels of health and happiness. I would recommend anyone that is dealing with any kind of health issues to work with Evan asap!

Brent Besing

Highly Recommeded Functional Medicine Practioner

I have now had three consultations with Evan and I can't believe the improvements I have seen in a short period of time. We are working on tweaking my diet, exercise and supplement plans. I appreciate that he freely provides valuable info in podcasts and on his website. He has a wealth of knowledge and a true passion for helping people achieve their goals. His approach is very personalized.

Lelia H


I have been trying to heal and biohack myself and a year and a half. I have had some success with sleep but was still dealing with many other issues. I finally feel like I am being sent on the path to healing. I am so thankful!

Carrisa M.


Evan is refreshing to talk to compared to my long experience of dealing with traditional medical community and its inextricable link to big pharma

Damien B

Great Experience

Evan is thorough and stats on track to the goal. Uses what's needed, not a billion interventions for a quick buck and more stress on your system. Custom implementation for what you need.


Finally - Hope for Health

Learning that I have Adrenal Fatigue and need to make some serious lifestyle changes wasn't easy. Evan's reassurance that things will get better has helped me to feel more optimistic. His wisdom, guidance, and encouragement has been so helpful. I am now waiting for the supplements to be delivered so I can really begin this road to recovery. I know I am not living to my fullest but I believe I am on the right path.

Laura F.

Very Knowledgable and Helpful

I've been working with Evan for the past few months and have noticed some very nice results from our protocols. Even with a couple of major interruptions to my plan - (a new baby and a broken bone) I can definitely tell we're on the right path. Evan is very knowledgeable and really understands the underlying causes that contribute to symptoms. I would highly recommend working with him!!!

Brandon A

Extremely helpful

I highly recommend giving Evan Brand a call to discuss whatever it is that you need help with. He is very thorough, insightful and caring. It is wonderful to be able to go through this process over the phone and through email.


Outstanding approach and results

Evan's knowledge and expertise made me feel comfortable right from the start. His patience, intelligence and diagnostic approach make him an all-star in my book. He has been a tremendous resource to myself and my family. Highly recommended!

Tom R

Good listener

I had my free 15-minute consultation, and Evan was great about listening to the things I have already done as far as research, he was knowledgeable about the diagnosis and treatment options, and he was straightforward about what he has to offer. I have been looking for a functional medicine practitioner that won't cost me thousands of dollars, and his clinic seems to be a very reasonable option.


Interviewed Evan!

Evan Brand is an amazing man! Not only is Evan intelligent but he's incredibly personable and inspiring. Would highly recommend speaking with him, he definitely has a lot to offer!


Evan is a great practitioner

Evan is a great practitioner and is skilled in functional medicine. Having worked with Evan he has helped make the right diet changes and ordered the right labs to get to the root cause of my health challenges. His podcast is great and provides extra supplemental health information too!

Justin M

Great Experience

I've been wanting to know more about good nutrition for a long time. The appointment was very informative and I'm looking forward to continuing this relationship as I travel my journey to better health! I appreciated the personal evaluation, the suggestions to get me started, and having quality supplements sent directly to my home.

Kathleen Rogers

Just what I was looking for!!

I have been having some issues for quite a while and I feel like I have now found the answers I have been looking for and am so pleased with the results so far!

Camille Nelson

So Thankful!

When I first spoke with Evan I was having really bad stomach pains upon eating. Evan had my tests sent to the house which was so convenient. After the results he then decided what supplements I needed. It's great to know what supplements are actually needed and not just guessing from what you've read. I had relief after the first week and after three months have no pain. The Whey Protein powder is the best I've tasted! Love the vitamin C drink as well. Thank you Evan :)

Vicky P.

Great Results

I was very surprised to learn that many supplements I had were not being absorbed and I was not taking what I needed! I began to notice results within two days of taking the supplements recommended to me. It is very simple and effective. I am anxious to see how I will feel in another month. I highly recommend this service to anyone that needs a change.

Robert C


I've been biohacking myself for a few years and needed a very strong guide. After listening to hours and hours of podcasts from various health coaches/researchers/doctors, Evan was the perfect choice for me. Very lucky to be able to work with him and look forward to all the discoveries we are making together Thank you for your work Evan.

Debra W.

A Real Blessing

So grateful that I found someone who looks outside the box using tests that most doctors don't or won't. Evan has an effective system that cuts through a lot of B.S. quickly. After 3 years of pure hell and thousands spent on both symptom treatment and sinus surgery Evan figures out the root cause and eliminated guessing. I recommend Evan, continue to watch his YouTube video series and listen to podcasts. He provides tons of free content that is life changing. Truly a blessing!



I finally feel heard, hopeful, and genuinely cared about from my clinician! I've been dealing with the same issues for so long and after working with Evan I finally feel like I'm going make improvements! I have played with the idea of hiring him for years and I finally did it! Best decision! Money isn't an object when I'm not living a fulfilled life! This is an investment in my future! Thank you Evan for everything you do! (: Namaste

Brianna B.


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