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Health Coaching ServicesWelcome! I’m Evan. I’m a Nutritional Therapist in training with the Nutritional Therapy Association. I’m a health detective using organic-whole foods, simple lifestyle modifications and specifically targeted exercise and nutritional protocols to help thousands of people worldwide.

My podcast is available worldwide on iTunes and Stitcher, receiving over 1,000,000 downloads since it’s inception.

After a diagnosis of Irritable Bowel Syndrome in 2009 after struggling with incessant digestive issues, brain fog, depression and a whole host of health problems that conventional medicine was unable to treat, I began my research.

With over 10,000 hours of documented time spent working in the temperate forest, I came to the understanding that our nature deficiency is a root cause (pun intended) of many mental and physical health conditions. Science seems to agree that nature-based exercise is a key to health as well.

Here are two pages to get you started. You can also head straight to the blog.

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A Key Question

Why is our civilization so advanced but we don’t have optimal health and happiness?

With an abundance of clean water, food, shelter and too many conveniences and luxuries, why aren’t we healthy and happy? The Center for Disease Control rates depression as the #1 most popular reason for disability in the United States.

By 2015, nearly one in every three people worldwide is projected to be overweight, and one in ten is expected to be obese. Overweight and obesity are major pretexts for global deaths according to the World Health Organization.

Our ancestors worked far less than us and had far less chronic disease. They participated in what scientists are calling organic-fitness, a key component to health.

Let’s agree that the modern food supply and our way of life has never been so off track from what our genetics expect.

Choosing convenience over quality is one mindset that has derailed us from optimal health.

Look at our new sedentary lifestyle and what It It can do.

Health and happiness are still possible with integrations of nature and nomadic qualities into your life. It can be simple, I promise.

Society is far away from optimal health, that's where Not Just Paleo comes in.

The lifestyle presented on this site is about making simple and sensical changes to live like your DNA expects.

A simple change you will learn to appreciate is to use candles or very dim light near bed time so you don’t disrupt your melatonin levels. It’s the famous sleep hormone that is suppressed by modern lighting technology, especially at night. Melatonin fights cancer in several ways.

Is there a correlation between electricity, modern lights at night and cancer? Listen to Dr. Hansler and I to find out.

What’s my job as a visitor?

Your role here is to participate. When it comes to finding a diet that works you, there are some universal laws. You can check out qualities of a good diet.

What can you do for me as a visitor?

I hope to make a difference in your everyday life. When you break a new personal record in the gym or step on the scale and smile, I want to be a part of that experience. When you come home exhausted from a hard day at the office, I want you to use the power of essential oils to reduce your stress. When you just can’t seem to get in the groove with your diet or your exercise routine because life gets in the way, I can help push you through it. Maybe you’re uncomfortable with the thought of taking supplements or you just aren’t sure why you can’t get rid of that belly fat and lack of concentration.

Don’t forget that you can not spot target fat loss, here’s 5 real ways to get results. 

The best parts of life usually happen when we’re not on technology, so I love that you’re here.. but don’t stay on TOO long!

Here’s 5 Things You Could Be Doing Instead Of Sitting On Technology.

Some friendly reminders

  • You have immense power over your mind, body and health
  • Your negative thoughts do not define who you are
  • Your thoughts and beliefs determine your reality-think positive
  • Make small steps each day towards better decisions
  • Focus on the present and use the past for wisdom
  • Love and frequent social interaction is satisfying to our spirit
  • You can become who you want to be

Lastly, do your exercise in nature whenever possible


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