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Functional Medicine For Everyone, Everywhere.

Our mission is simple: to help you naturally overcome your health challenges, from everywhere on Earth.

No more traffic jams, doctors offices, waiting rooms, fluorescent lights, white coats, cold tables, copays, or cotton balls. Feel Better. Our Way.

How Does It Work?

Customized Functional Medicine

Tons of people run lab tests and sell supplements. Few actually listen to their clients and treat not only the lab results but the real person behind them. You'll be amazed at the thoroughness of the case review and customized action plan we create for you.

How Do I Get Started?

Simply click here to your schedule your new client appointment. If you need to learn more about the process first and make sure Evan can help you, see his availbility for a 15-minute free call here. Digestive problems, hormonal imbalances, anxiety, fatigue, thyroid and weight issues are common and easily addressed with our approach.

At-Home Lab Testing

We use a combination of specialized laboratories across the USA. They send the test kits for collection directly to your door. You send them back using a prepaid envelope. We get the results and review them together during a phone or Skype consultation.

A La Carte Services

No payment plans or subscriptions necessary. All of our consultations are billed a la carte. After we help you heal your mind and body and you're ready to enjoy life, that's just what you'll do. No more billing nightmares or costly surprises in your mailbox.

3-Part Free Video Series To Heal Your Gut and Get More Energy.