Podcast #109 Dr. Andrew Hill on Brain Enhancement, Nootropics and Neurotransmitters

#108 Dr. Andrew Hill on Neurotransmitters and Nootropics

Today’s Guest Andrew Hill is a UCLA graduate with a PhD in Cognitive Neuroscience from the department of Psychology, employed as a Lecturer at UCLA, teaching multidisciplinary courses on Healthy Brain Aging, Neuroscience topics, and Biofeedback. He has extensive experience working with clinical and research populations across many areas, including neurodevelopmental, inpatient and outpatient, and […]

Podcast #106 Dr. Greg Emerson From E.R. Doc To Permaculture Farmer

#106 Dr. Greg Emerson From E.R. Doc To Permaculture Farmer

Today’s Guest Dr Greg Emerson- loving partner, proud father, physician, permaculture farmer, sustainable living advocate and wild food forager. He is interviewed regularly on America’s most popular health television program because of his dedication to finding the underlying root cause of illnesses. He writes regularly for one of Americas most widely distributed health newsletters. When […]